A candid conversation about workplace sexism at Disrupt SF

Women have been in the workforce for decades, yet many are still encountering frustrating obstacles when trying to move up the career ladder.

These situations can happen in any industry, but the tech and startup community has been under added scrutiny because female founders are less likely to get funding and a paltry 7% of venture capital partners are women.  Now some people have been speaking up about their experiences with sexual harassment and discrimination. 

So how do we resolve this and find a better path forward? That’s the million dollar question, but we have three accomplished women joining us on stage to share their perspectives at TC Disrupt SF.

Hilary Gosher is a partner at Insight Venture Partners and also sits on the board of Parity Partners, where she’s helping connect businesses with talented professional women.

Kim Scott is a CEO coach and author of “Radical Candor,” a book about being an effective manager. A former Google ad sales executive, she now offers management advice to companies like Dropbox and Twitter.

Sarah Kunst is CEO of ProDay, a platform for sports and fitness training. The investor turned entrepreneur has spoken publicly about some of the challenges she’s faced as a black woman in Silicon Valley.

We look forward to hearing their ideas on how to make the tech industry a welcoming place for everyone.

Join us at TC Disrupt SF to hear what they have to say — tickets are still available here.

Published at Thu, 07 Sep 2017 20:10:15 +0000