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Do you know what type of shoes are best for you?

Finding the right shoes require you to know your feet condition. Most people go to the shop, spot the shoes they like, try them on and buy them without knowing if the shoes fit their foot type.

Let’s go through the types of foot conditions and the right shoes for them.


Most people have normal arch feet. This means that the alignment of the leg is neutral.

The right shoes for normal arches will be a pair of stability or neutral shoes that provide adequate support and cushion.

For well-experienced or elite runners who are efficient in their running and require less support on the ankle, they can use racer shoes, which are light with limited protection.


People with high arch feet will need more cushioning and less support because their feet tend to under-pronate (doesn’t roll inward enough when the feet hit the ground) and is exposed to greater stress.

The legs’ alignment is normally in supination (with most of the weight on the outside of the foot) and the knees tend to face outward.

Their feet will roll outward even more while running and this causes the outer part of the shoes to wear out.

The type of shoes suitable for high arches is a pair of well-cushioned neutral shoes.


Flat footers will need more support as they go through excessive pronation (with most of the weight on the inside of the foot) in their running gait.

The legs’ alignment is normally in pronation and the knees will almost knock each other during a run.

They will tend to roll their foot inward, which results in less stability. The right type of shoes for flat footers will be motion control shoes.


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Some shops and all podiatry centres provide foot-scanning services, which assess the feet based on the force applied to the ground while walking or running.

Some provide simple and free services, while others provide more comprehensive checks, which can cost more.

A visit to any podiatry centre is recommended if you would like to know more in detail, as they will provide you information on the muscles involved and recommendations to correct or improve your running gait.

If you are on a tight budget, there are two DIY methods to assess your feet that won’t cost you anything and are easy to perform at home.

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