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Firemen saw cup off back of man after DIY treatment goes horribly wrong

Going DIY usually means saving loads of money, and possibly, sweating it out to do the job yourself.

For one man, it also meant a lot of brutal pain and distress when his attempt to cure himself with an alternative treatment went horribly wrong.

No one could imagine how a seemingly harmless home cupping kit could wreak havoc on a Chinese man in Wuhan city that fire-fighters had to be called in on Tuesday (August 22).

According to Chutian Metropolis Daily, the man, who is known as Mr Hu, could not remove a stubborn cup that was stuck to his back after his wife overused the air pump to suck the air out of the cup.

The suction was so tight that she could not yank it off with her hands, reported Ifeng news, quoting a Chutian report. Then the rescue efforts became more and more bizarre.

First, Mrs Hu used a hammer and a pair of pliers, both of which failed miserably.

Mr Hu then sought help at a neighbourhood clinic. But the doctor said there was nothing he could do.

An hour later, Mr Hu’s son drove him to the hospital. By then, the suction had caused the skin to swell like a huge blistering growth measuring 5cm in thickness.

The doctors could only look on helplessly – for a while. So they quickly called the fire service.

The efficient firemen managed to remove the tight cup easily, but not with any sophisticated equipment. They used a workman’s saw, which cut through the cup and relieved the suction force. How about that?

Photo: Chutian Metropolis Daily

Mr Hu was treated for his wound at the hospital and swore he would be more careful when using the home kit again. But it’s not known why he was using the ancient treatment and for what health issue.

Before this incident, there were reports of cupping therapy sessions that went awry.

Practitioners believe that cupping can help enhance blood circulation, relieve pain, remove toxins and ‘heat’ but health authorities have advised the public to consult registered practitioners following cases of hospitalisation.

In May, a 63-year-old man from Sichuan fell ill with a high temperature, after receiving the therapy for a month. Doctors found his wounds had become so infected that his life was potentially at risk if he didn’t rush to the hospital on time .

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