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Hearty soto served with fried chicken draws fans

Craving for some homemade soto?

Situated along Jalan Hamzah Alang in Meru, Klang, Soto Iqbal has been in operation for almost five years offering its signature ‘soto ayam’.

Warung Soto Iqbal is situated along Jalan Hamzah Alang in Meru, Klang.Photo: The Star/ANN

Muhd Iqbal Meskon started the business with his wife, Nur Shahfiza Muhd Abidin and they sell a minimal number of dishes such as mee hoon sup, mee sup and chicken feet soup, in addition to the soto ayam.

The soto comes in two sizes – small (RM4 = S$1.3) and large (RM5 = S$1.6).

Every bowl of soto ayam is served with a piece of chicken to make the meal more filling.Photo: The Star/ANN

Muhd Iqbal said most customers would order the bigger portion.

What makes the couple’s soto special is that they serve chicken pieces instead of shredded chicken.

Muhd Iqbal cooking the soup for the soto ayam before opening his stall at noon.Photo: The Star/ANN

“Usually, soto is garnished with shreds of chicken breast but we do it differently here. This is to make the dish more filling,” said Muhd Iqbal.

It is served with a generous amount of nasi impit, fried cellophane noodles and a piece of fried chicken, then garnished with peanuts and chopped fresh coriander.

The soto ayam is available in two sizes — small (RM4) and large (RM5).Photo: The Star/ANN

It is good comfort food, especially on a cold, rainy day.

The fried chicken was tender and complemented the other ingredients in the bowl.

Iqbal makes fresh soto every morning. “It is my own recipe, and cooked based on my personal preference and liking,” he said.

Warung Soto Iqbal is located at Lot 2151-D Persiaran Hamzah Alang Meru, Klang.

It opens from noon to 7pm and is closed on Friday.

Photo: The Star/ANN

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