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Hong Kong-based food critic Chua Lam rates Malaysian Ochee durian as 'beyond words'

SERDANG, Malaysia – Hong Kong-based columnist cum food critic Chua Lam loves Ochee Durian and he rates the durian as top grade.

He said the taste of this durian is beyond description and one should personally savour the king of fruit. He is currently leading a five-day gourmet tour to visit Malaysia.

Hong Kong columnist cum food critic Chua Lam has given Ochee durian grown in southern Kedah a high rating. 

He is currently leading a 15-member gourmet tour from China to visit Malaysia.

After savouring Ochee durian, he said: “One can only taste the fruit personally. This is beyond verbal description.”

Chua is a regular visitor to Malaysia. He leads gourmet tour from China to savour various types of food in Malaysia. 

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This round he is in Malaysia for a five-day “Gourmet Tour with Chua Lam” organised by an online tour portal based in China.

The first stop of the tour in Malaysia is to savour durian by the name of Ochee (black torn). 

Chua and the tour members arrived at Sungai Kecil Ilir located in southern Kedah in the morning and the group was received by orchard owner Su Jian Xing. 

The members were served with Ochee durians and also other types of durians.

Chua was interviewed while enjoying the durians.

He said taste of Ochee durian is beyond description and kept on encouraging tour members to try Ochee durians and other types of durians.

Su also served the members other types of fruits grown in the orchard. Many of the members were keen on durians and gave their thumbs up for Ochee Durian. 

Chua later was invited to plant a tree. 

Also present were Kedah state executive councillor Azman Nasrudin, Bandar Baharu state assemblywoman Norsabrina Mohd Noor, Sidam state assemblyman Robert Lim Kui Ee and others. 

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Published at Thu, 12 Jul 2018 09:29:28 +0000