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How one tattoo artist changed hair loss sufferer's life

When Joy was 8 or 9, playmates would notice the bald patches on her head and write ‘Joy is bald’ on a wall

Her protective parents would wipe off the cruel remarks, said Joy, who suffers from an auto-immune condition called alopecia which causes hair loss.

Joy’s specific condition, alopecia universalis, resulted in loss of hair across her whole body, even her eyebrows.

In an interview with Our Better World, Joy, a Filipino who resides in the Philippines, described how the condition also caused her to become insecure and withdrawn.

The hair loss at first was gradual, then it became permanent, and soon, all her crowning glory was gone.

At the point when “she lost everything (all her hair)”, was also the time when Joy got married to her husband, Audie.

Audie would hold her hand and cry with her when she went to the hospital for “shots to the scalp”, which caused nausea and vomiting.

“Sometimes I would hate to see myself in the mirror,” said Joy of that time in her life.

Then one day, Joy got to know about tattoo artist Edwin who gives free tattoo services to those with alopecia, and promptly made an appointment.

For Edwin, his work is more than just placing eyebrows on a face: “I don’t just tattoo eyebrows for the sake of having eyebrows. I put eyebrows that are correct and unique for each one of them.”

And Joy is ecstatic with her new look: “It’s like being reborn, it’s like having a new face.”

Edwin said he provides his service without expecting anything in return, simply asking grateful clients to “pay it forward” by referring more alopecia sufferers who need help to him.

For Joy, the tattoo was a “life-changing” experience. “Now I’m more comfortable, and I’m happier,” she said.

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Published at Thu, 03 Aug 2017 05:40:15 +0000