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Is Taiwan bubble tea chain Bobii Frutii worth the sugary hype?

It all began with two teenagers who had a fondness for bubble tea and the hipster cafe culture. Three years later, Bobii Frutii has expanded to having 5 stores, with one of them located at Clementi Mall here in Singapore.

Nat Ho is not only one of the shareholders of Bobii Frutii, but he’s also the Brand Ambassador and Creative Director. The Tanglin actor has long been involved in the F&B scene, having previously opened a health-conscious shop, Love Bento.

Bobii Frutii is alike – it prides itself as being the healthier choice for bubble tea. That struck us most because it’s bubble tea. How much healthier could it get? And really, is it all that different from all the other bubble tea shops out there? We find out.

Photo: Bobii Frutii

A healthier choice

Most bubble tea shops in Singapore don’t actually use real milk – they use powdered creamer which already has artificial substances – while some shops also use artificial flavours or colours in the form of powders or syrups.

We don’t need to be geniuses to know that artificial additions aren’t good for our body. Preservatives are another villain in this narrative alongside sugars and syrups, which make our bubble tea all the more delicious, long-lasting, sinful and diabetic. It’s also a reason why we sometimes get headaches after having too much bubble tea.

At Bobii Frutii, the drinks are made with pure natural ingredients like butterfly pea extract, fresh milk and fruit juice. The sweetness comes from high-fructose corn syrup and only premium brown cane sugar from Taiwan is used – as opposed to regular brown sugar. Like many other popular bubble tea shops, you can also choose the level of sweetness for your drink.

The colourful drinks are also free from artificial colouring – the colours of the bobii (tapioca pearls in colloquial Taiwanese) are naturally created during the preparation process. The bobii, which is freshly produced, is so soft and chewy, unlike what you’ll find elsewhere. They’re mochi-like!

Our experience

The five drinks that we tried: Extraordinary Bubble Milk Tea, Mermaid’s Tears, Don’t Want To Work, Uji Snow, Don’t Want To Grow Up. Photo: Bobii Frutii

We were a bit hesitant to be trying five drinks, since we’d usually be in a ‘tea coma’ after finishing one cup.

Surprisingly enough, the drinks were light and refreshing – they didn’t leave us feeling too full after, nor did we have a sugar overload.

All in all, these signature drinks were a sequence of perfect matches – from the bobii to the flavours. Here are our top 3 picks:

Mermaid’s Tears

Photo: Bobii Frutii

What we love: It’s a more invigorating take on a fruit-blend. This is the drink you’d be slurping down on a sunny day, with the lemon citrus elevating the drink’s sweetness to a whole other level. The butterfly pea bobii was a perfect match for this concoction – since the rest of the drink was bursting with flavours, it kept everything levelled with a tad of sweetness and a whole lot of texture.

What we didn’t love: Mixing up the different flavours and getting bobii at the same time is a bit tough, but for a spectacular drink, why not?

Uji Snow

Photo: Bobii Frutii

What we love: The matcha was well-whisked and frothy. The milk balanced out the bitterness, making it rather tasteful. The bobii rounded up the entire drink by neither being too sweet nor too bland. It ended up being one of our favourites too.

What we didn’t love: We loved everything, but someone who doesn’t like matcha wouldn’t be converted with this drink.

Extraordinary Bubble Milk Tea

Photo: Bobii Frutii

What we love: It’s a classic milk tea, but unlike the others – this wasn’t overpoweringly sweet. The balance of fresh milk and black tea was perfect, with the sugar from the bobii being the (healthy) cherry on top.

What we didn’t love: Nothing. It was so good that we finished the entire cup.

Aside from bubble tea, the store will also be selling cheese tea and fruit tea, so be sure to try it!

When: Bobii Frutii opens on Jan 10, from 10am to 10pm

Where: The Clementi Mall, #04-K4

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