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Ivanka Trump Made a Very Filipino Snack at Her Daughter's Party

It was the birthday of Ivanka Trump’s daughter yesterday and she served a familiar dish for the party, at least for us.

By that, we mean hotdog and marshmallow skewers-yes, the ones served at every Filipino birthday party.

Although they don’t look like the red hotdogs that we like eating as kids, many Filipino-American citizens pointed it out.

They were also wondering why Ivanka didn’t use colorful marshmallows and didn’t put the skewers on a cabbage head or pineapple.

Meanwhile, there were also Americans who were confused by the combination.

Food site Delish even admitted to being mind-boggled by the party dish.

Good thing Natalia Roxas of Filipino Kitchen explained why we paired hotdogs and marshmallows: “Our marshmallow is made sweeter, so it gives you a salty-sweet dynamic. But especially when the hotdog is fresh off the pan or grill, the marshmallow has a slight melt on it, and you get a gooey bite with your hotdog.”

If that wasn’t Filipino enough, Ivanka also posted a photo of her and her daughter eating spaghetti with the caption, “Birthday tradition-noodles for a long life!”

Throw in some ube cake and they’ve got themselves a full-blown Filipino party.

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Published at Tue, 01 Aug 2017 04:36:37 +0000