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Japanese fried chicken restaurant creates new sauce flavour: Girl's sweat

Here’s a fried chicken flavour you never thought you’d hear of during your lifetime: Girl’s Sweat.

The kind people behind a Japanese restaurant chain, Tenka Torimasu, came up with the brilliant idea of introducing this brand new sauce flavour.

Specialising in chicken karaage, which is boneless Japanese-style fried chicken, Tenka Torimasu’s usual variety of sauces includes wasabi mayonnaise, sweet chilli, cheese curry, and Japanese plum.

Their flavour of the month – Girl’s Sweat – might appeal more to hot-blooded teenage boys (or men in general).

According to RocketNews24, the flavour is so special because “it’s the ‘refreshing’ sweat excreted by young ladies working hard to become successful idol singers”.

In fact, the restaurant had members of Japanese idol girl group, Kamen Joshi, in mind when they came up with the recipe.

Kamen Joshi’s members are famous for wearing hockey masks during their performances.

Kamen Joshi
Photo: Reuters

Weighing in on the news, member Anna Tachibana said: “Wow, to be able to savour the refreshing sweat of an idol — this is the karaage of dreams!”

But don’t sweat, there are no actual drops of perspiration used in the sauce mix.

Just to be clear, the sauce is made of salt, lemon juice and cheese.

According to Kyodo News, the sauce is already on sale but it’s available for a limited time period only, that is till Oct 31 this year.

For those who will be heading to the Tokyo area soon, this could be something interesting to try (or not). 

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