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Koreans are crazy over Taiwan pineapple cakes, including a chocolate version

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Taiwanese eats are a key part of the country’s soft power in Asia, and this is never any truer than it is for South Koreans.

Tourists from the country are easy to spot in every Carrefour, filling their baskets with local snacks.

Chief among them are pineapple cakes, the buttery pastry filled with sweet pineapple-flavored jam that may or may not contain actual pineapple.

Now big-name South Korean retailer Homeplus is giving the country’s sweet tooths a chance to get the treat anytime.

The chain introduced pineapple cakes Monday to 92 of its 113 locations, selling them for 8,990 won (S$11) a box.

It will be selling both the traditional cakes and the more recent chocolate-pastry variety.

A Homeplus Facebook post announcing the new product has already racked up 160 comments and 41 shares.

And – if the insane-sounding automatic translations of the comments below it are any indication – people are stoked for it.

Perhaps inspired by a photo of the chocolate version, one user asked whether you’re supposed to eat them with milk, Oreo-style.

Others complimented the decision to stock the pineapple cakes, with one saying the price was cheaper than getting them duty-free during travel to Taiwan and another saying she was excited to eat the treat again.

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Published at Tue, 25 Jul 2017 04:38:48 +0000