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Magnepan MMGi speakers are a stupendously thin wall of sound – CNET


Magnepan MMGi speaker


Magnepan is known for its large flat panel speakers, but it also offers smaller, more affordable ones. The original MMG shared much of the same tech as the bigger Magnepans and won the hearts of many aspiring audiophiles. That speaker debuted in 1995, so it’s big news that Magnepan has now released the revised MMGi, costing $650 per pair.

The speaker stands 48 inches high and is 14.5 inches wide, but just 1.25 inches thick. Magnepans differ from conventional speakers in the way they project sound into a room: Whereas box speakers radiate sound forward, Magnepan panels radiate from the front and rear surfaces. Most speakers have round dome tweeters and cone midrange and/or woofer drivers, but the MMGi’s thin-film, approximately 11 by 40 inch “quasi-ribbon” diaphragm produces bass, midrange and treble frequencies.

No wonder the MMGi sounds bigger — and its stereo imaging closer to life-size — than any bookshelf or small tower speaker you or I have ever heard. Magnepan has been refining this technology since the early 1970s, and builds all of its speakers in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

The MMGi’s impedance is rated at 4 ohms, and the speaker is available in natural or black solid oak trim with off-white, gray or black fabric grills.