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Malaysians 'triggered' after CNN says chendol is from Singapore

Singapore’s chendol? Excuse me?

Malaysians are bewildered by CNN’s claim that the sweet treat belongs to their neighbours when it made the publication’s list of 50 of the world’s best desserts.

According to the CNN travel writer Jen Rose Smith, Singaporeans love to indulge in a bowl of chendol on sweltering afternoons.

Who wouldn’t?

Imagine slurping a bowl of shaved ice topped with smokey gula melaka, fresh coconut milk, and slippery strips of pandan jelly.

The icy treat is enjoyed by many in Southeast Asia, but the place of origin of the dessert has left a bitter taste in Malaysian foodies’ mouths.

Many took to social media to express their anger.

One tweeted, “CNN, chendol is either Malaysian or Indonesian but it definitely isn’t Singaporean,” and suggested that the writer be “forbidden from eating chendol.”

“Singaporeans flock to Melaka for food – including chendol – every weekend,” said another Twitter user.

Their sentiments were echoed by their fellow countryman, “CNN, please do not #messwithourchendol.”

“We both have a right to it. But who makes better chendol. Go on. I dare you!”

And some Singaporeans are quick to acknowledge that chendol is not unique to Singapore.

“Even if I’m the most kiasu patriotic Singaporean, I would still have the morals and dignity to not claim chendol as ours,” tweeted Giri Dev Nair.

And while others are questioning the dessert’s origin, Indonesians are “letting it slide” since they have many other yummy treats.

No matter where it comes from, we’d probably all agree that chendol is delicious.

Now, who’s up for a bowl of chendol?

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