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Man in China gained 10kg to help father lose weight

BEIJING – A man in China decided to gain 10kg on purpose so that he could help his father lose weight.

The 32-year-old man, Mr Ding Guoliang, did that last year to motivate his father, Mr Ding Youwang, 53, who had put on weight after his business failed.

From March to September last year (2017), the younger Mr Ding lost the 10kg he had put on and his father lost more than 20kg.

Photographs of them before and after losing weight have attracted many people’s attention on the Internet recently, Qianjiang Evening News reported.

Mr Ding decided to help his father lose weight because his father’s weight had ballooned to more than 80kg. The senior Mr Ding also became addicted to drinking.

All these happened after his father’s bamboo product business failed. Without a job and feeling depressed, the senior Mr Ding stayed at home all day. He would read online novels and not exercise at all.

“I thought my dad was only 53, his life should not be like this,” said Mr Ding Guoliang, a photographer.

He invited his father to stay with him in Xiamen, Fujian, so that they could embark on a weight-losing journey together.

Although Mr Ding Youwang showed little interest in losing weight at first, his son did not give up. He got his father to start with brisk walking and then went on to jogging.

“He joined a local fast-walk (group) and made many friends. Then I suggested that he try gym (workouts) to get some muscle training and he seemed interested,” Mr Ding Guoliang said.

Soon, Mr Ding Youwang’s health, both physical and psychological, improved.

After six months, Mr Ding Guoliang got back in shape, while his father gain six-pack abs.

Encouraged by their efforts, Mr Ding Guoliang’s mother and wife also started to exercise. Mr Ding Guoliang has also turned his and his father’s weight-loss story into a documentary to encourage more people to exercise.

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