Netflix to launch its first after-show with debut of ‘Beyond Stranger Things’

Netflix’s is preparing to capitalize on the success of its hit original series Stranger Things with the launch of a new ‘after-show,’ starting on October 27 – the day the new season of Stranger Things hits the streaming platform. Called Beyond Stranger Things, the show will offer rehashes, as well as other behind-the-scenes content, and answers to other “burning questions.”

The news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, which said the show will also delve into topics like the inspiration for the Stranger Things series, and will be hosted by writer, producer, actor and “super fan” Jim Rash. Guests include creators Ross and Matt Duffer, executive producer and director Shawn Levy, and many of the show’s stars.

However, unlike most after-shows that exist today for other popular TV series, Beyond Stranger Things is not meant to be viewed as you watch each episode. Instead, the after-show – which is said to include many spoilers if watched early – will automatically play when you finish the last episode of the new season.

That decision is likely due to Netflix users’ tendency to binge through highly-anticipated series, as well as the fact that Netflix drops entire seasons at once. You don’t need to tune in each week for a new episode, that is – in other words, the after-show isn’t about keeping fans engaged until the next airing, it’s about keeping Netflix users on the platform streaming more content. Whether or not fans have interest in 7 episodes of behind-the-scenes content and analysis following their binge remains to be seen.

Beyond Stranger Things also incorporates the series’ fans in interesting ways, according to THR’s report. Its opening graphics were designed by fan and graphic artist Wahyu “Pinot” Ichwandardi; the show opens each episode with a series of quick graphics inspired by what fans were creating online; and the music for the show is a remix composed by “superfan” Daniel Rosenfeld.

This is the first time that Netflix has offered an after-show on its service as original programing, though the format has become fairly common in recent years.

Several networks, including HBO (After the Thrones), AMC (Talking Dead, Talking Bad, Talking Saul), USA (Mr. Robot Digital After Show), BBC America (After the Black for Orphan Black), and many more have produced their own after-shows to varying degrees of success. As THR pointed out, HBO couldn’t make its GoT’s after-show successful, and ended up cancelling the program after one season. (It then moved to Twitter.)

Netflix’s show, however, is produced by Embassy Row, a company that does well with the format, given it also produces Talking Dead, the after-show for The Walking Dead; Talking Saul for AMC’s Better Call Saul; plus the pre-show and after-show for Doctor Who, and several others.

Published at Thu, 26 Oct 2017 15:33:52 +0000