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Recommended evening workouts if you're not a morning person

Similar to working out in the morning, exercising in the evening also offers many benefits.

According to the Huffington Post, these include feeling more relaxed in the morning, since there is no pressure to rush to the gym.

You also get the opportunity to “burn” all those frustrations building up during the day at work, will be more physically prepared and can extend your workout if necessary.

However, do keep in mind that doing sports too close to your sleeping time may trigger insomnia. It is also important to do some stretching prior to and cooling down after exercising.

Below are some recommended evening exercises compiled by


Yoga is known as an exercise that can lower your stress level. Additionally, it can improve your blood circulation and train you to breathe well.

There are many yoga poses that you can practice to help you relax before going to sleep, from the simpler ones for beginners to more a more complicated poses.


Walking around your neighborhood is also an effective evening workout. It is especially beneficial for those seeking to lose weight or combat depression.


Hitting the gym is one of the most convenient types of night exercise, as the place usually provides different equipment for your training, such as weight-lifting equipment.


Tai chi is like a combination of art and exercise.

According to the Australia-based Tai Chi for Health Institute, it can also serve as meditation and is an integral exercise for the body and the mind, as it trains your qi (life energy) to move smoothly inside your body – whatever that means.

Moreover, tai chi is beneficial to improve muscular strength, flexibility and wellness. 

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Published at Sat, 21 Oct 2017 02:00:00 +0000