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Russian injects oil into muscles, shows off Hulk-like arms

Great-looking muscles are often the result of months of training and adhering to a strict diet, but a young man in Russia got his Hulk-like arms in just a month.

Kirill Tereshin has biceps and triceps measuring 60cm in circumference, which are disproportionately large for his slender frame.

The 21-year-old had injected Synthol – a substance made up of oil, painkiller and alcohol – into his arm muscles to inflate them, Ruptly reported.

Commonly known as ‘fluffing’, the practice is popular with bodybuilders who are looking for a way to rapidly bulk up with minimal effort.

In a recent video clip, the Russian showed off his bulging arm muscles that look like they’re about to burst at any time. The skin of his upper arms has also turned a disturbing shade of purple, although he says the discolouration is a temporary side effect.

It appears that other parts of his body are not spared. A recent post on Tereshin’s Instagram page read: “The legs are very far behind, but this is temporary.”

The Sun reported that Tereshin will continue to couple his training regime with Synthol injections. He also has dreams of breaking bodybuilding records in the future.

‘Fluffing’, however, is full of dangers.

Synthol hardens over time and has caused complications such as pain, irreversible muscle damage, and disfigurement as documented in medical reports over the years.

In 2015, a video clip showing the painful extraction of Synthol deposits from a bodybuilder’s arms shocked netizens.

That same year, another man from Brazil who was addicted to ‘fluffing’ nearly lost his arms after injecting the deadly substance into his biceps. The toxins in Synthol caused his kidneys to fail.

Even though Synthol is reportedly legal for use in Russia, the substance is not regulated by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). It is easily obtained from the Internet, making it a potential danger to those who are not aware of the substance’s adverse effects.

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Published at Mon, 13 Nov 2017 10:00:00 +0000