Sous Vide Egg and Mashed Potato Breakfast Jars

[Photograph: Vicky Wasik]

Cooking brunch shouldn’t be stressful. Busting out the griddle to take breakfast orders like a short-order cook in your own home is the last thing you want to be doing first thing in the morning. These egg-and-potato breakfast jars, inspired by one of the signature dishes at Eggslut, are perfect for s low-effort, hands- and brains-off brunch. Layer leftover mashed potatoes and freshly cracked eggs in Mason jars, plunk them in a sous vide water bath, and one hour later you’ll have perfect custardy poached eggs and warm, comforting mashed potatoes, ready to be dipped into with a piece of crunchy toast. If you’re feeling ambitious, jazz these jars up with a gravy-on-the-bottom twist, or a sprinkling of chopped crispy bacon. Who’s to say yogurt is the only parfait-able breakfast food?

Published at Thu, 07 Nov 2019 14:55:21 +0000