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Study says losing your hair is probably normal

Ever had 10 strands of hair fall out in a day? How about 20? How about 30? If the answer is yes, there is no need to worry. It is completely natural.

Such consistent hair loss causes worried people to research about their hair loss situation, especially during the warmer seasons.

According to Time, researcher Dr. Shawn Kwatra has stated that people should not be worried about their balding scalp in the warm summer and fall.

The reason is rooted in the hair’s function: keeping us warm. So if the surroundings are already warm, the body does not waste energy making hair.

But if hair loss is still prevalent during those warm summers, do not fret. It is natural to shed 50 to 100 strands of hair in a day, says the American Academy of Dermatologists. Other factors like stress can also cause hair loss.

However if losing hair is causing some panic, try consulting a doctor or taking supplements to halt any excessive hair loss.

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Published at Sun, 05 Nov 2017 04:28:13 +0000