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Taking chocolate powder up the nose may be a dangerous new trend

A controversial new product from a company in the United States is creating a buzz – and we don’t mean just media excitement.

A supplement company in Orlando, Florida, has come up with an “infused cacao snuff” for adults that promises to give them a 30-minute buzz.

Legal Lean claims that the powder will lift moods, reduce anxiety and give a surge of energy.

However, it does not have US Food and Drug Administration approval. It has also drawn critical reactions from US lawmakers, who want the FDA to investigate the untested product.

Coco Loko is advertised as a product made with chocolate powder and other ingredients, like taurine, gingko biloba and guarana, which are found in many energy drinks. It is ingested through the nose.

Doctors have already expressed their concerns about Coco Loko. They warn of sinus infections and obstructions.

Legal Lean founder Nick Anderson said he based the product on a chocolate-snorting craze that has been around in Europe for a few years now.

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Published at Fri, 14 Jul 2017 06:26:15 +0000