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Taste test: Durian McFlurry From McDonald's Singapore

Here’s our very honest reviews.

McDonald’s announced a few days ago that they would be releasing a limited edition McFlurry flavour in Singapore, Durian McFlurry, on July 5. But to our pleasant surprise, the ice cream launched in stores on July 3.

Like the kiasu people we are, the CLEO team decided to try the new ice cream flavour.

Find out whether we liked the new McFlurry flavour.

Adora, writer

“Hmm. I eat durian once a week or every fortnight cos I LOVE it. Naturally this is a bit artificial and syrupy but it’s a good quick fix if you have a durian craving and don’t want to shell out $20. This how much? $4? Whoa. OK lah. It says D24, so I guess they use some of the real stuff.”

Syafii, sub-editor

“Mhmm. It’s a lot better than I thought. It doesn’t taste cordial-like, but pretty much like the real thing. It has bits inside, which I assume are from actual durians.”

Hidayah, senior digital writer

“It’s interesting. (This, by the way, is allegedly Singaporeans’ go-to answer when asked about anything.) Jokes aside, I wouldn’t say this was the best durian dessert I’ve tried. For $4, I was expecting something more, like a dollop of durian flesh (instead of bits of it) or a durian pengat kind of texture. But hey, it’s McFlurry and McFlurry can’t be a durian pengat. Would I eat this again? Maybe. Just because it’s available only for a limited period of time and I’m a sucker for anything limited edition.”

Lin Kuan, senior art director

“(After a long pause) It’s actually quite good. It tastes just like how durian should. There’s also the durian texture – I thought it would be watery. Another good thing is, you only smell it when it’s close to you. Even though I like durian, I don’t want the smell to permeate the air.”

Rachel, intern

“It’s so sweet. Like really, really sweet. The durian taste is strong, but it also tastes a bit artificial. I like how I can taste durian bits. Overall, it tastes OK, but I wouldn’t eat it again.”

Rong Yin, intern

“Very sweet, but I like! It doesn’t taste very artificial. The first few spoonfuls tasted OK, but it getes very jelak afterwards. I wouldn’t try it again.”

This article was first published on CLEO Singapore

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