The Jammy is a steel string guitar that fits in a pocket

As a fan of electronic guitars – as opposed to plain old electrics – the Jammy seems like a very interesting piece of kit. Designed to be played like a regular guitar, you fret on the top part of the neck and strum the strings on the bottom half. Because it has only five frets you change the octave by pulling the neck out from 0 to the full length of 12 inches.

Design house RnD64 created the Jammy and will be shipping it later this year. There’s no pricing and the website features a vague promise of a special price of you leave your email address which suggests this is a bit of a fishing expedition – that expandable neck is probably a bear to engineer. That said I’m a sucker for wild music ideas and this fits the bit.

“Direct audio output allows you to stream music straight into your earphones or amp, no smartphone or tablet needed,” wrote the creator Dmitry Shemet. “You can play in a stand-alone mode or jam along a virtual backing band – Jammy’s onboard presets provide you with the bunch of unique guitar sounds — from classical nylon strings to heavily distorted metal tones.”

Like so many pieces of potential vaporware let’s hope all of the weirdness gets knocked out of this product when and if it ships. Until then, we who are about to rock on normal guitars salute you.

Published at Mon, 11 Sep 2017 22:54:55 +0000