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'The Office Chef' Ms Yeah takes lunches to a whole new level

Be it a salad, a microwaved meal or packaged ramen, we have all prepared light lunches in our offices for convenience’s sake; but how would you go about organising tender, grilled steak for lunch?

Or perhaps, some Sichuan-style hot pot? Would flame-broiled fish tickle your fancy?

Ms Yeah has cooked all of the above and more at her office desk, and is now known by many as “The Office Chef”. Ms Yeah has taken office lunches to a whole new level.

The Scoop on ‘The Office Chef’

Social networks have enabled online users from across the globe to tap into another person’s life outside of their own, into another city, another moment, and perhaps, right into another person’s meal.

The idea of cooking in an office does not sound like a viable option, but Ms Yeah manages to make it happen by using the things she finds laying around her office.

Ms Yeah, 23, is from Chengdu, capital of Southwest China’s Sichuan province, and has recently gone viral for her videos of cooking in her office.

Some of her most popular clips take her audience on a journey as she cooks popcorn with a cut-up soda can and a tea candle; makes hotpot, a popular Sichuan dish, in an aluminium foil bowl; and steams dumplings using a clothes steamer. Ms Yeah often uses widely available office supplies to aid her in her making office meals.

Previously, the light bulbs in her office have doubled as ovens and charcoal grills, and computer monitors have become pans and water dispensers doubling as pots. Ms Yeah uses her creativity and ingenuity, utilizing everything in her environment for the sake of her culinary pursuits.

The hot press of the clothing iron against the thin cuts of beef must have wafted a delicious aroma around the room, a usual occurrence in Ms Yeah’s office nowadays. Though many tune in for Ms Yeah’s creativity and ingenuity in making her cooking utensils and recipes, she has also delved into the beauty blogger sphere.

Ms Yeah has taken a step further with her creative use in household objects, by taking food and repurposing it as makeup. In a recent video, she creates makeup by using flour, cocoa powder, water and sesame oil. In place of the ever-popular Beauty Blender, she uses jumbo marshmallows and applies her bake with some more rice flour.

With even more cocoa powder, she is not only able to do her eyebrows, but also able to apply her eye shadow. By snipping off her co-worker’s hair, and with the aid of a binder clip and a lighter, she is then able to make faux eyelashes for herself.

With chili oil and juice from crushed dragon fruit, she gives herself some bright pink lip-gloss and blush. Even more hilariously, she repurposed some Oreos and paperclips as her newest on trend earrings.

Chinese YouTuber gives herself a beauty makeover with food

‘The Office Chef’ sets the world ablaze

In our current day and age, more young people are working in offices. Ms Yeah’s content seems to resonate with people, and inspires many to find entertainment in combining the truly ludicrous with the ordinary. Ms Yeah, otherwise known by her colleagues as “Office Little Ye”, has not only taken the internet by storm in China but also in the United States.

With her creative and often hilarious office cooking clips, Ms Yeah currently has around 1.3 million followers on MeiPai, a popular Chinese video streaming site, and more than 400 thousand subscribers on YouTube and about two million Facebook followers.

Her most popular videos on YouTube currently have more than one million views, with clips and articles on the new viral trend being shared on Buzzfeed, the Daily Mail, Teen Vogue and even the New York Post.

Her videos have garnered a huge following and a myriad of responses from the international community. On platforms like YouTube and Facebook, her hilarious shorts have created some hysterical responses of their own.

One Facebook commenter, Lulia Castro, even stated he would choose to bring Little Ye to a desert island if they had the choice of bringing one thing and one thing only.

In a world where sponsorships and advertisements are also not taken too kindly by audiences, a YouTube commenter, who goes by the screen name Nery Park, even praised Yeah’s creativity with her sponsorships, where she used a smartphone as a cutting board, only to then flip it over and play a video game on the large screen.

In a culture saturated by advertisements and marketing campaigns, one has to be creative in order to gain viewers and attention.

Another YouTube commenter, with the screen name BLACKPINK’, seems to have taken the words right out of mouths of many, proclaiming “Hail Ms Yeah! Lady of Youtube, Queen of Creativity, Protector of Weirdness, and Princess of Cooking.”

Ms Yeah, who works in a creative design firm, has made a name for herself by making these elaborate meals by using office supplies. Her videos often contain a mix of DIY, cooking and comedic aspects which leave her viewers laughing at the hilarity of the situation, and in awe of Ms Yeah’s MacGyver-like tendencies.

Hilarious misadventures are also abound as Ms Yeah makes dishes next to her unfaltering co-workers.

What stands out most in my mind is when Ms Yeah and her co-workers filled their hands with soap suds and set it on fire, beginning to grill fish with their handheld flames. In a separate video, Ms Yeah makes some ice cream with the help of her office fire extinguisher, and shares some with their office’s pet pig.

Ms Yeah’s channel seems to have captured the essence of the popular viral videos today. With their many mishaps, tongue-in-cheek antics, and fascinating do-it-yourself attitude, it is no rise that Ms Yeah has gained such an international following.

Published at Sat, 12 Aug 2017 01:00:00 +0000