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The skinny on McDonald's Indonesia 'nasi uduk' set

McDonald’s has been known for its creative, locally inspired menus.

Last year, for example, McDonald’s Singapore introduced nasi lemak (rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf) burger. Earlier this year, McDonald’s Korea, which was one of the official partners of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, offered three special dishes, namely Golden Potato Burger, Golden Potato Tomato Muffin and Golden Potato Bacon Muffin. According to The Korea Herald, the special dishes included potato, which reflected a taste “reminiscent of nature in PyeongChang”.

On Wednesday, McDonald’s Indonesia launched a menu called Nasi Uduk McD. As its name implies, the dish offers the brand’s own style of Betawi breakfast staple nasi uduk (steamed rice cooked in coconut milk served with various side dishes).

Within a few days of its introduction, the menu caught the attention of food enthusiasts, with many sharing their two cents on Twitter.

@mareylasinaga said the menu was surprisingly good as it tasted similar to nasi uduk served in a hotel. However, she did not recommend eating too much of the sambal, as it made her feel nauseous.

Meanwhile, @vebriojazz said the nasi uduk was just mediocre, but the spicy chicken was delicious.

@dwinugras said among the innovations launched by McDonald’s, he could not accept Nasi Uduk McD, as it did not come with the traditional side dishes, such as orek tempe (tempe cooked in sweet soy sauce), bihun (fried vermicelli), crackers and gorengan (deep-fried snacks).

McDonald’s Indonesia associate director of communication Sutji Lantyka said during a media gathering on Friday that Nasi Uduk McD was a limited-time offer.

The fast-food franchise actually offers three types of menus, namely core, local core and limited-time offers.

“The core menu is available at McDonald’s outlets around the globe, such as the Big Mac. Meanwhile, the local core menu is only available in the country, such as [McDonald’s Indonesia] paket nasi [rice set],” explained Sutji.

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Sutji mentioned that the limited-time offers were developed by the local McDonald’s and does not have to be a local favourite.

She said Nasi Uduk McD was chosen as McDonald’s Indonesia is currently promoting its chicken dishes, and the rice set was the most popular menu item in the country.

“We launched crunchy buffalo wings and a spicy chicken dish earlier this year,” added Sutji.

Available until April 30, Nasi Uduk McD offers two packages, Nasi Uduk McD Special and Paket Nasi Uduk McD Komplit, with prices starting at Rp 25,000 (S$2.40).

The former is a a breakfast meal, comprising Nasi Uduk McD, sambal terasi (shrimp paste), fried shallots, scrambled eggs and choices of hot coffee or milk tea.

Meanwhile, Paket Nasi Uduk McD Komplit comes with choices of crispy chicken or spicy McD, nasi uduk, eggs sunnyside up, sambal terasi, fried shallots, scrambled eggs and a drink.

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