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The world's first blue wine is available in Singapore, at a new blue-themed cafe in Clementi

If you’re wondering what sorcery this blue wine is, let us assure you that it is indeed real wine made from red and white grape varieties from a mixture of vineyards across Spain.

Some of the blue colour comes from the skins of these grapes, but we figure a lot of the hue comes from the organic blueish pigment called indigo carmine.

The wine didn’t quite taste like the usual we’re accustomed to. In fact, it was incredibly sweet (from the non-caloric sweeteners added to it).

While it’s pretty common for any wine to be processed with added sugars or sweeteners (unless it’s natural, organic wine), the Gik blue wine tasted more like juice, with a subtle dryness you’d expect from white wine underlying it all. It has 11.5 per cent of alcohol, but tastes like there’s far less, so it’s more of an introductory drink in our opinion.

The wine really lives up to its “blasphemous” nature, which is what its creators (twenty-somethings with no wine experience) intended to do. We think that traditional wine lovers should steer clear, while new drinkers who love sweet things would embrace Gik with open arms.

Gik is available at Blue Willow, a new blue-themed cafe by the owners of the Harry Potter-themed cafe, Platform 1094, and Fresh Fruits Lab. It can also be purchased for $55 a bottle on their website, which is named

It makes for a unique present or an interesting gift to bring to a house party. Just be sure that the people who receive the gifts aren’t purists.

If you really wanna try Gik but don’t want to shell out $55 for a bottle, Blue Willow serves them at $13 per glass. You might want to order some food to go along with that. Chances are you’ll get something blue in your order. Ordered a pasta? Yep, the noodles are blue. Wanted fish? The barramundi is served with a blue sauce here. Carrot soup? Ok no, that one’s orange. They do have their limits.

We enjoyed Blue Willow’s Barramundi ($20) which was served on a bed of tender chunks of beetroot and baby spinach.

The pine nut mustard cream sauce is a light aquamarine blue. This was achieved by boiling butterfly pea flowers (something you’ll find in many instaworthy drinks) to extract the natural colour. This is done for all the coloured food at Blue Willow. The fish was flaky and moist, with a thin layer of crisp skin on top. We wouldn’t mind having it again soon.

You could also consider getting the Tea by Lupicia Cake ($7.50) a glazed chocolate mousse cake with tea-infused vanilla cake at its core. We personally found it too sweet, but if you enjoyed the saccharine taste of Gik and you know you’re a real sweet-tooth, you’re bound to enjoy this too.

Blue Willow is at 28 Clementi Rd, Singapore 129754.

This article was first published in Her World Online.

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