Tune in to IndieBio Accelerator’s Demo Day today

TechCrunch is excited to bring you IndieBio Accelerator‘s Demo Day today, September 14th at 3:00pm PT.

Targeting the biotech industry, the IndieBio Accelerator hosts a four-month program. IndieBio provides startups with 24/7 access to biosafety level 1 and 2 labs on-site, mentorship from industry experts and $250,000 in funding.

This batch of 12 companies is especially global, covering the agriculture, bioremediation, regenerative medicine and food industries.

Watch them demo here:

“BioAesthetics (@Bio_Aesthetics): BioAesthetics is regenerating the nipple-areolar complex for the 200,000+ women whom undergo mastectomies every year.

DNALite (@DNALiteTx): DNALite Therapeutics is developing gene therapy treatments for the gastrointestinal tract. The first lead candidate is for colon cancer, which is the second deadliest cancer in the U.S.

Finless Foods (@FinlessFoods): Finless Foods is producing real fish meat in vitro to feed 8 billion people in 2020. Their fish is free from the mercury, plastic and hormones that come with all aquaculture and factory fish.

Health Linkages (@HealthLinkages): Health Linkages is the Data Provenance Company. Health Linkages uses a combination of blockchain and big data to enable healthcare and life science institutions to trust, protect and share their data.

QuantumCyte (@Quantumcyte): QuantumCyte is enabling a deeper understanding of the immune system and cancer biology by enabling next-gen single-cell analysis. Their technology has unprecedented ability to analyze large numbers of cells at industry-leading resolution.

Pheronym (@pheronym): Pheronym is creating an all-natural highly effective insect control for agriculture. By leveraging pheromone spray they double nematode’s effectiveness as an organic insecticide to rival chemicals, without any of the negative health or environmental impact.

Prellis Biologics (@Prellisbio): Prellis is creating living tissues and organs for pharmaceutical testing and organ transplant. Prellis instantaneously prints high-resolution tissue scaffolds that grow into functioning human organs.

Proteorex Therapeutics (@ProteorexInc): Proteorex is discovering small-molecule drugs to treat diseases with the greatest unmet medical need. Their platform can rapidly and cost-effectively unlock previously undruggable targets and has produced multiple partnered compounds.

Stelvio Oncology (@StelvioOncology): Stelvio Therapeutics develops drugs to treat incurable cancers and neurodegenerative disease by driving diseased stems cells to non-diseased fates. Stelvio does this through a machine vision and learning platform that identifies drugs inducing epigenetic changes.

Sugarlogix (@sugarlogix): Sugarlogix is creating prebiotic sugars with functional benefits for your gut health. Found naturally in human breast milk, their functional sugars restore balance to the gut microbiome, thus enhancing the immune system and reducing inflammation.

TheNotCo (@TheNotCo): NotCo is combining AI with food science to craft cutting-edge plant-based foods that deliver unprecedented experiences: Greek yogurt, milk, cheese, mayo all tasting like the real thing (and even better).

UBA Biologix (@ubabiologix): UBA cleans industrial wastewater from coal, gold and platinum mines with an organic bioremediation system. Their first system is operating on a large coal mine in South Africa.

Published at Thu, 14 Sep 2017 19:00:26 +0000