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What is it like to take care of a parent with dementia?

One of the things everyone worries about when it comes to ageing is forgetfulness, which could sometimes be a sign of something more serious, like dementia.

Dementia is the loss of one’s cognitive functioning (thinking, remembering and reasoning), as well as behavioural abilities. A person suffering from dementia might find it difficult to perform even the easiest of daily tasks.

Eventually, dementia patients will also find it hard to recognise their own family members.

Caring for a person with dementia is not easy; sometimes it can be downright exhausting and heartbreaking, as some of these videos featured here will show.

However, in Malaysia, there are ways to help both caregivers and dementia patients overcome certain challenges. Find out more about this in the print edition of The Star on Sept 22.

Check out these video series and blogs featuring dementia patients and how their adult children are helping them to lead more fulfilling lives.


Joey Daley started a weekly video series in January 2017 in “an effort to educate and show the world what dementia really does to people”. His 67-year-old mother, Molly, has Lewy Body Dementia.

Joey and Molly’s videos have been viewed more than 80 million times all over the world. Joey has also received countless feedback from concerned folks as well as those who are going through the same thing they are.

Episode 6 is perhaps their most watched video, and it is not hard to see why.


Facing Dementia is a five-part series by Channel News Asia (CNA) that covers the various aspects of living with dementia, and misconceptions about the condition.

The episode Danny’s Mother takes a look at how one son is struggling to care for his mother in Singapore.

In the episode Galen’s Mother, producer Galen Yeo talks about his once sociable mother, and why he decided to create the series.


Christine Stone’s 77-year-old mother Setsuko Harmon has Alzheimer’s, which is a type of dementia. Twice a month, Stone would head home to visit her parents and take care of her mother (her father is Harmon’s full-time caregiver).

Each time she’s home, Stone would tell her mother of her pregnancy, which delights her. “She gets excited every time. It would make me happy to see her so happy,” Stone told Today in an interview.

“I know she’s not going to be around forever, and I wanted my baby to see how excited her grandmother was that she was coming. That’s one of the reasons I filmed it,” Stone was quoted as saying.


Simon McDermott is raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Society in Britain. His father, who goes by the nickname The Songaminute Man, has Alzheimer’s and his memory is fading fast.

At times, he does not even recognise his own son.

However, every time he starts to sing, he’s back to being his old self again.

McDermott’s father now has an album out, and profits from album sales will go towards funding Alzheimer’s research efforts.

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