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What to do with rice, besides eat it

It turns out that rice is more than a food. It’s pretty useful for other things. Here are some uses for rice.

1. Ripen fruit

When put in a bowl of uncooked rice, the fruit’s ethylene gas will get trapped, helping it to ripen.

2. Prevent rust on tools

Putting uncooked rice in your toolbox will absorb moisture.

3. Clean out a vase

Swirl dry rice at the bottom with some soap and water. Throw in a coffee grinder to clean that out as well.

4. Make an ice pack

Fill a sock with dry rice and freeze it.

5. Prebake pie crusts

Use rice as weights so the dough holds its shape and stays firmly in place.

6. Unclog clumped salt

Keep your salt clump-free by adding uncooked rice to the salt shaker.

7. Save a phone that’s been dropped in water

Putting it in a bunch of dry rice will draw out the moisture and save you from an expensive repair.

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Published at Fri, 01 Sep 2017 21:00:00 +0000