Dyson’s Pure Hot+Cool Link is your household air’s best friend

Dyson may be busy building cars these days, but it’s also still making its bread and butter, including vacuums and other home appliances. The connected Pure Hot + Cold Link fan, heater and air purifier combo is one of those, and it’s an awesome way to spend some of that holiday cash coming your way.

It’s not for everyone – it’s a $500 ($700 here in my local Canadian currency) addition to the household, after all. But it offers a unique combination of features that make it an ideal fit for anyone looking for a way to keep their houses a bit warmer during winter, a bit cooler during summer, and in general a bit more breathable in terms of overall air quality.

The Pure Hot+Cool Link’s features are laid out in its rather long, somewhat tongue-twisting name; it combines Dyson’s air purifying tech, which extracts allergens and pollution from the air, with a built-in heater and a multi-speed fan. All of this is also connected (hence the ‘Link’), letting you connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network and then control and schedule your device, and monitor the air quality remotely via the Dyson smartphone app for iPhone and Android.

Dyson’s app will show you the air quality condition in your house, as detected by the purifier, and represented with an easy-to-understand graphic that also optionally shows you the air quality in general in your area, provided you enter in your fan’s location. It also detects humidity and temperature, and you can use its sensors to put the fan in an automatic mode that will have the fan work towards achieving an air quality goal for whatever room it’s in.

You can also use the app to set a schedule, and to manually control all aspects of the fan/purifier/heater, including setting a desired temperature for the heating function, increasing fan speed, or setting oscillation. It’s incredibly convenient, and something you’ll quickly find yourself wondering how you lived without on older, less connected fans and heaters.

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Other convenience features Dyson offers include an automatic night-time mode that dims all the external display lights and runs the fan at quieter settings so as not to disturb light sleepers, as well as a filter life indicator that lets you know when you need to swap yours out for a new one. And it works with Dyson’s Alexa skill, so you can very easily issue voice commands to get the purifier to start or stop, or to heat to a specific temperature, for instance.

Dyson also nailed the basics with this fan/purifier/heater combo – it can move a lot of air at its stronger settings, and it puts out a surprising amount of heat, too. For smaller apartments, one is probably all you need to go from draughty to cosy in a relatively short period of time. I found I had to turn it down from what I expected to need in terms of heating a basement bedroom that’s usually chilly pretty much year-round.

The design of the Pure Hot+Cool Link is also an advantage in terms of comparing it to other products out there. It comes in three different colorways, but each is better looking than the average fan, heater or air purifier. It bears Dyson’s signature shiny plastic, futuristic look – but he darker color options blend into the background with relative ease, while there’s an electric blue option if you’re feeling like making more of a statement.

Again, it’s an expensive option overall (even with its current discount), but it’s also typical in terms of Dyson tech as something that’s put together with care and utmost attention to quality, and something you can trust to last. It’s also a big improvement even over previous generation of Dyson fans in delivering airflow quietly – even at lower settings, it heats and cools effectively, and you’ll barely realize it’s even on.

Published at Wed, 20 Dec 2017 14:39:21 +0000