EZVIZ’s ‘Lookout Smart Door Viewer’ turns a peephole into a smart video doorbell

Home security camera maker EZVIZ announced its first product for smart entry security at CES 2018 today, with the debut of the Lookout Smart Door Viewer. The system is designed to work with the company’s new ezGuard security camera, as well as with other EZVIZ products and Amazon Alexa.

The products make up a two-part smart home door entry video solution that allows homeowners to remotely view activity taking place outside the home, while also offering the ability to remotely unlock the door for trusted visitors.

What makes the system more interesting than the usual smart entry solution is how it takes advantage of facial recognition. Using the EZVIZ app, homeowners can opt to create a gallery of trusted people who can gain access to the home. It does this by utilizing facial recognition technology to identify the person at the person automatically, allowing the homeowner to act as they see fit to allow entry.

However, the system does not include any smart lock component – meaning you’ll still have to answer the door yourself. It’s more about allowing you to see who’s at the door, then respond.

But the Lookout Smart Door Viewer does offer an adjustable microphone, loudspeaker and chime to make it a smart video doorbell.

The Door Viewer itself is encased in a durable zinc alloy body, and is designed to use the home’s existing peephole. It includes a high-definition, professional grade camera lens with infrared adaptive technology for night vision, which is connected via a secured cable through the peephole. This allows you to see the action outside on a touchscreen mounted inside the door or in the app.

The related offering, ezGuard, is a new home security camera with an HD professional grade camera, smart siren, warning strobe, and recording capability. The siren can emit at 10 dB alert and switch on the lamp to discourage a potential intruder from attempting to break in. The motion detector also sends a live video feed of the activity outside to your phone.

This camera is designed for outdoor use – like on a porch, over the driveway, or on a gate, for example. And it has dual antennas for maintaining a strong connection to the home’s Wi-Fi even when further away from the home. A waterproof microphone and speaker allow for two-way talk, allowing a homeowner to give instructions like telling delivery drivers to leave a package at the gate, or deterring prowlers by speaking.

In addition, the camera works with Amazon Alexa’s smart home capabilities for voice control.

The company says the Lookout Smart Viewer ($229.99) and ezGuard ($109.99) will both be available in the first quarter of 2018 through Amazon, the EZVIZ website, and other retailers in North America.

Published at Tue, 09 Jan 2018 14:00:55 +0000