Looks like HQ Trivia is coming to Android

HQ Trivia — the twice-a-day livestreamed trivia game built by the founders of Vine — continues to be a big thing. Recent games have had upwards of 200,000 players per session, each hoping to go home with the cash prize (or, at least, a share of it) for answering every question right.

And yet… it’s iOS only. Type “HQ Trivia” into Google, and “HQ Trivia android” is the very first auto-suggest… so, clearly, plenty people are itching for it to go cross platform.

Well, it’s coming.

HQ Trivia tweeted out the following — it doesn’t get too specific about the launch date, but the “stocking stuffer” bit suggests they’re aiming for this month:

Adding Android to the mix introduces a few new challenges beyond just the porting process itself. As the player count has ticked upward, the last few games have had pretty obvious moments of lag/buffering — a pretty stressful thing to see when you’re up against the clock. Meanwhile, more players means more potential winners to split the pot (each game has a prize of at least $1000, but that’s split amongst all winners). No one wants to make it all the way to the end only to split a $1,000 pot 10,000 ways.

Published at Wed, 06 Dec 2017 15:15:24 +0000