PuTTY Begone! Microsoft will ship an OpenSSH client

The first thing I download on a new Windows machine – after Chrome, of course – is PuTTY. This tried-and-true OpenSSH client has served millions of devs quite well for the past twenty years and I’m sure it will still remain a favorite but Microsoft has added its own ssh client to Windows, a move that points to more openness on the part of Redmond.

The folks at ServeTheHome have found a way to install the software now on your own machine. It’s still in beta but ssh this one seems to work well enough for everyday use.

While opening a session via the command line isn’t as exciting – or initially confounding – as running PuTTY it’s nice to know the world of outside servers is only three letters away.

Published at Wed, 13 Dec 2017 21:25:40 +0000