Qualcomm and Apple may be calling for a truce – CNET


Lynn La/CNET

Qualcomm‘s and Apple‘s legal spat could be coming to a close.

At Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference yesterday, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf said he didn’t see a reason why the company’s ongoing dispute with Apple couldn’t be settled outside court like similar cases previously, because there’s “not really anything new,” Fortune reported on Monday.

The battle began in January with Apple taking Qualcomm to court over allegations of unfair licensing terms. The argument escalated over the past six months, with both companies firing accusations back and forth. Most recently, Qualcomm sought a ban on Apple devices that run without Qualcomm chips, saying Apple uses its technology without paying for it.

No announcement on a resolution has come yet, said Mollenkopf, declining questions on the matter.

Qualcomm has more than enough on its plate to worry about even without its fight with Apple. The company just lost its appeal against a $660,000 daily penalty that the EU could impose on it for not submitting documents requested by the European Commission, documents that charged the company with beating out its rival, Icera, using anti-competitive measures. In the US, it’s also battling the FTC’s antitrust suit, which accuses the company of charging excessive royalties and weakening rivals with its market dominance.

CNET has reached out to Qualcomm and Apple for comments.

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