Ozoni (Japanese New Year’s Soup) With Mochi, Chicken, and Vegetables

[Photographs: Vicky Wasik]

Ozoni is one of Japan’s traditional New Year’s foods. It comes in many forms depending on the locale and family, but it always features a seasoned broth with tender and chewy pieces of mochi (glutinous rice cake). This recipe pulls from a variety of regional styles and family practices. The broth is made like dashi—infused with kombu, dried shiitake mushrooms, and bonito flakes—but here the liquid used is chicken stock, an uncommon practice in Japan (you can, optionally, use water instead). It’s then seasoned with soy sauce and served with a range of goodies, including vegetables like carrot, daikon, and spinach as well as pieces of tender sake-marinated chicken.

Adapted from family recipes provided by Marc Matsumoto and Maiko Kyogoku.

Published at Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:28:32 +0000